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Attorney Chooses… Sepia?

Law Offices of Wayne Grant, P.C.

Wayne Grant

Attorney Chooses… Sepia?

Attorney Wayne Grant (Grant Law Office) called about six months ago to discuss photographing portraits of himself and two colleagues. He also wanted some images of his office. The session went well (super great people!), and somehow the subject of videos came up. (More about that in a later post.)

A few months later Kim returned from maternity leave and Jon had joined the firm. Donna and I returned to capture their portraits. Since all their portraits were to appear on the new site (due to go live very soon), and 6 months had elapsed between the two sessions, I must admit that I was a little concerned their portraits would not match the earlier ones. I think we got pretty close.

During a later video session I captured some office vignettes in case I needed them during post. Nice office!


  1. I use Adobe Lightroom 3.3 for most post-production.
  2. For these portraits I upgraded my old-and-never-used Portrait Professional to Studio 64 v10 and became comfortable using it to retouch skin, eyes and teeth.
  3. I then modified the portraits with a modified onOne Software PerfectPreset.

I presented normal portrait images and sepia-toned ones to Wayne for consideration, and I was a little surprised and quite pleased they went with my recommendation. They chose sepia!

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