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Civil War Reenactor Noah Crawford

Recently I had the privilege of photographing Noah in several of his Civil War reenactor uniforms. Below is his story:

Private Noah Crawford, Civil War Reenactor

Noah Crawford and his chauffeur Mom

Noah Crawford and his chauffeur Mom

“I am a member of the 19th Virginia Infantry, Company B (“The Albemarle Rifles”), which is part of the 3rd Regiment, ANV (Army of Northern Virginia), re-enacting unit.

The 19th Virginia was recruited from Albemarle, Nelson, and Amherst Counties. Company B was recruited largely from Albemarle (as its name implies). The Regiment fought at First Manassas, Williamsburg, Seven Pines, Gaines’ Mill, Frayser’s Farm (also known as “Glendale”), Second Manassas, South Mountain, Antietam (also known as “Sharpsburg”), Suffolk, Gettysburg, Cold Harbor, White Oak Road, and Saylor’s Creek.

At Gettysburg, the 19th was part of Garnett’s Brigade of Pickett’s Division, and participated in the famous “Pickett’s Charge.” The regiment lost about half its strength in the doomed assault as well as its battle flag, which was captured at “the Stone Wall” by the 19th Massachusetts. Three days before Appomattox, the remnants of the 19th Virginia were surrounded and surrendered at the Battle of Saylor’s Creek. Though a total of 1,600 men served in the regiment at some point during the war, only 29 men and 1 officer were present to receive paroles when the Army of Northern Virginia surrendered at Appomattox Court House.

I was voted into the unit in early 2008, when I was almost 11 years old. I began as a drummer, but in recent years I have carried the rifle when needed. The first uniform is a standard gray infantry frock coat with blue trim on the cuffs and collar; during the war, these coats were manufactured at the Charlottesville Woolen Mills. The accoutrements are all russet leather, typical of those worn by members of the 19th. As the war dragged on and material became more expensive, uniforms would more closely resemble those found in the second impression: a gray Type III Richmond Depot Shell Jacket and butternut pants with a wide-brimmed hat would be more typical to a post-Gettysburg soldier in the war’s Eastern Theater.”


  1. This is my inaugural portrait session at my new home studio. It is very nice to have a “home” from which to work!
  2. All images were captured with the Sony a7r and Sony 90mm/2.8 macro using “Eye-AF” autofocus.
  3. The key and fill lights were Einstein E640 strobes. The background light and right/left rim lights were Balcar P2’s.
  4. The RAW images were edited in Lightroom 6, exported to Portrait Professional for face retouching, and then re-imported into Lightroom.
  5. I imported the images as TIFs into Capture One Pro for Sony, where I made minor adjustments and exported the JPGs as B&W sepia #2.

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A SigEp Homecoming

 A SigEp Homecoming 2014

This past weekend I had the pleasure of again photographing for Sigma Phi Epsilon during their SigEp Homecoming weekend in Richmond. It was my introduction to Richmond (other than trips to the airport); we look forward to returning often.

I photographed events at Zollinger House (SigEp headquarters) and Hollywood Cemetery, where they offered a memorial service for “Uncle Billy”, one of the Founders. We traveled to Richmond University to see the Founders Walk and to hear President Edward Ayers, Ph.D share his thoughts on the competition for students’ energy and time. The Jefferson Hotel was the site for a donor function, and Wow! what lovely place to visit.

I received a much better grasp of SigEp’s history since its founding 113 years ago. Please enjoy the images!

I expect this was the last event I cover with my Nikon equipment. I am in process of switching to Sony for larger image sizes, better image quality, and a learning curve to conquer!

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Great Expressions Dental Centers – Fast and Good Interior Panoramic Photography

Great Expressions Dental Centers – Fast and Good Interior Panoramic Photography

Great Expressions Dental Centers hired me to shoot several of their locations in the Greater Atlanta area. They considered several other less expensive photographers but selected me because I could capture interior panoramic photography of their offices.

We’ve all heard it said, “You can have it fast or you can have it good. Which one do you want?” Well for Great Expressions, they needed both. Fortunately, we were able to meet their demands.

“Mr. Morgan recently photographed several of our offices in Georgia. We were extremely impressed with his work. The shots were absolutely stunning. We look forward to working with Carroll Morgan and Buckhead On-site Photography in the future.”
Jennifer Carpenter/Great Expressions Dental Centers

Partial results:


  • Spoke with the client mid-afternoon on Monday, May 16
  • Submitted estimate and got approval Tuesday
  • First location shot and images submitted that Tuesday evening
  • Due to prior bookings, I was only able to photograph the remaining locations, which were very spread out around greater Atlanta,  on Saturday and Sunday
  • Edited and retouched out old Nanston logos very late Saturday and Sunday evenings
  • Final images delivered Monday morning… deadline met


  • I received the new Nodal Ninja Ultimate M1-L (which works great!), but the EZ Leveler II was backordered
  • Dental centers could only be photographed after hours
  • Client needed 20 – 25 shots per location, including at least one interior panorama
  • Most locations needed to be visited twice; once for the exterior building shot and once for the interior photography
  • After the second location I learned that the old Nanston logo should not be included in any of the photography (we decided to retouch rather than reshoot)

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