Buckhead Sunset Panorama Photography 1

Buckhead Sunset Panorama Photography 1

Update:  These were some of my first panoramic shots ever and were stitched incorrectly (Sovereign is actually very tall!). Also, Adobe Lightroom 4 renders much better from the original RAW images. Please see the finished stunning image in my panoramic portfolio.

Buckhead Sunset Panorama shot from the roof of the Atlanta Financial Center East Tower looking north towards Sovereign, One Capitol City Plaza, MARTA, The Mansion on Peachtree and Maggianos Little Italy. Overlooking Peachtree Road and Georgia 400.


  1. Nikon D3s with Nikon 14-24/2.8 at 14mm.
  2. Tethered to Dell M1210 laptop.
  3. Imported images using FastPictureViewer Professional, which allows ingesting while leaving images on the CF card.
  4. Shot 8-10 images, every 24 degrees using Nodal Ninja 5, rented from @BorrowLenses
  5. Did a few double row stitches to capture the top of the Sovereign building.
  6. Images captured in manual exposure, ISO 200, Daylight color balance at f/8.0 through f/10.0 (not for greater depth-of-field, but to allow for longer exposures in order to capture longer headlight and taillight streaks)
  7. Images processed slightly in Lightroom 3.3 and edited in Photoshop CS5 (Merge to Panorama) as RAW images.
  8. Since this was my second panorama, I was unsure how Photoshop would handle stitching 2 rows. I think it did pretty good, but I would like to get your input. I also did Content Aware Fill in the sky are to allow for a larger image.

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