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Charlottesville portrait photographer Carroll Morgan

“Carroll Morgan Photography was able to provide exactly what the Molasky Group needed: They brought their entire portable studio into our office, worked around our tight schedule, and were able to satisfy our unique requests. Carroll was a pleasure to work with. It’s obvious that he is passionate about what he does and puts sincere effort into each step of the process to make it right for the customer.” –
Colleen C. Cochran, The Molasky Group of Companies

Location Executive Portrait by Carroll Morgan Photography

Schklar & Heim, LLC portraits

Charlottesville executive portrait photographer Carroll Morgan creates headshots and portraits for attorneys, doctors, and business executives. With over 30 years of experience, I know how to pose and light to achieve the best image of “you”.

I use up to 5 professional strobes. Most portrait photographers use fill and key lights, but I also add hair and rim lights, which accentuate your face by separating it from the background. I also light my custom backgrounds independently.

Tethering the camera to a laptop makes it easy and convenient for my clients to view and chose their “selects” before they leave. Then, within 24 hours I will deliver fully retouched images, either by email or by secured file-sharing.

Your portrait images are yours to use as you wish (for the web, PR, marketing, Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other social media) with no additional licensing fee.

To discuss capturing an executive portrait for you or your entire office please contact me. I would be honored to create images to enhance your advertising, marketing, and social media plans.

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